The ROTC Program - BCISB

The ROTC Program

Is an effective program that the Territorial Defense Command has offered to high school students to fulfill their military obligation while fostering constructive and disciplinary learning.  The expected outcome of this training is not only to get exempted from military service as private soldier but also embeds personal accountability, integrity and social concerns in community and society.


Cadet students will receive a training in the center on every Saturday starting approximately at the end of August for 80 hours per year which is divided into 8 hours/day for 10 times as well as attending a period of field training during January or February; applying only for year 2 through year 3 students.

During training, the cadet students must follow the rules and be present for all training days including practical and theoretical test.

Khao Chon Kai training lengths



Qualification of applicant

  1. Thai nationality
  2. Age between 15-22 years
  3. Approval of parents or guardians
  4. Graduated from Grade 9 or equivalent level with a grade-point average above 1.00


Document Requirement for applicant

  1. Application Form
  2. 2 Formal photo 3×4 cms in school uniform (no glasses)
  3. Student’s House registration with house address page
  4. Parents’ House registration with house address page
  5. Student’s transcript
  6. Doctor Certification (Specific form)
  7. Other important documents; approval of name change etc.
  8. Parents’ signature to certify all documents listed above


Physical Test Prior joining ROTC

  1. 34 sit-ups in two minutes
  2. 22 push-ups in two minutes
  3. Running 800 metres within 3.15 minutes


**After passing physical test, cadet students are required to cut their hair so that the white of their scalp is visible on 3-sides, and a small patch of hair is visible on the top of the head.


Contact : Ms. Ann, Secondary Coordinator for more information


               Cel. 081.422.4274