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“The B.C Curriculum is ranked 3rd highest in the world and is only behind Finland and Japan among peer countries.”


Get a B.C. Education at BCISB


As a part of the B.C. Global Education Program, British Columbia International School Bangkok makes it possible for students in Thailand to study the prestigious B.C. curriculum. Whether your children aspire to study and live in Canada, Thailand or anywhere in the world, learning at BCISB and receiving A B.C. Certification would greatly facilitate them throughout their lives.

British Columbia’s certified teachers and institutions are ranked among the best in the world, and for good reason. Our teachers are put through intensive trials to ensure they have a sound grasp over the most innovative and effective teaching methodologies. Canadian education emphasizes learning experiences in which children actively participate.

The learning process utilizes interactive instruction methods such as discussions, debates, teamwork activities, and community service projects to elicit imaginative thinking, problem solving and decision making toward a goal of meaningful insight. Learning how to learn is key to the students’ ultimate success in life, and the Canadian education system places great importance on this principle.

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